How It All Began?

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So the aim of my website is not only about promoting my business but also to Inspire.

My name is Candice and I am the owner of The Sugaring Company and SA Sole distributor for the most amazing Organic Sugar paste on the market…. Tamaras(®) 

Going back four years I found myself in a rut, having done 16 years of the same thing I needed a change. With the beauty industry being so saturated, all offering the same treatments throughout. I wanted something unique……..Enter Sugaring!

Although by no means a new concept, thanks to Cleo Patra who in her day decided, the fuzzzz must go! So the good woman created the first Sugar paste. Viva girl power!

Fast forward to the 21stcentury and BAAAAAM there’s my new venture, or so I thought.

Having completed the training armed with my arsenal of sugar I set off to find myself some willing subjects to smear my sugar on, not realizing just how much skill and technique is involved and two days just ain’t gonna cut it. With no help or support on offer, I gave it up. ……….Two years later I was offered a lifeline by a very kind woman who gave of her time and passion to help correct and perfect my technique, purely out of the goodness of her heart, developing the same passion and love for sugaring I now share.

Time to find a brand I wanted to support.

Going about this was an exciting adventure, taking me to the beautiful shores of Brighton UK, where I met Stephanie King- Director of Education & International Distributor for Tamaras Sugar® and Director of The London Sugaring Company®. What a dynamic, beautiful, charismatic and inspirational woman. Having followed TLSC and tried Tamaras(®) brand I knew it was a fit for me. Tamaras concepts of organic eco-friendly ingredients along with Stephanie’s charisma, what a Duo…..So in collaboration with The London Sugaring Company® We bring Tamaras to SA….SO LET\’S ALL SAVE WAX AND USE SUGAR. Hahaha.


Company Ethos


This is where I take you back to the “Inspiration”’ part of my website I mentioned before I started waffling …BE KIND, IF YOU CAN BE ANYTHING, BE KIND…..The kindness shown to me is what kick-started my business. You never know, one small act of kindness for you could be life-changing for someone else.

As this was the case for me and my business, it’s pretty much My Company Ethos. Offering support and assistance while growing a successful brand in SA within every Salon…….Whose keen, if you would like to add an Organic, Eco-friendly, Gentle on the skin, trend-setting treatment AND Vegan-friendly products (yes it’s all that) to your Salon, We’d love to help you with that……….(Click here to Contact Us)